What is the difference between "normal" coaching and "agile" coaching?

The answer is not quite so simple: Does an agile coach pass on field knowledge and teach methods, or does the agile coach support a systemic mindshift in individuals and organisations? In most cases, an agile coach does both, because one is often not possible without the other. For me as a coach this means that my role oscillates between informant, input giver, strategic supporter and observer from a methodological perspective. Depending on the task, I will take a systemic approach by asking helpful questions, briefly reflecting with you whether you are "already" agile and/or "still" agile, what strengths you bring with you and what skills you want to develop further.

The question of how "Servant Leadership" is really lived in the organisation is indispensable in agile coaching, as is the question of how "agility" is understood, whether agility is just a label, but old structures are still in place, and how "openly" and "honestly" "mistakes" are dealt with. Agility promotes openness in a very specific way that allows everyone to learn from mistakes. 


coaching: efficient and empathic

A conversation among equals.
target-oriented and resource-oriented.

For me, agile coaching is a special form of leadership coaching that focuses on organizational development and promotes a new attitude that differs from traditional project management. But it is also a special form of professional coaching, because with agile coaching, these professionals are encouraged and promoted to make their contribution to the added value of the organization in a very specific way – becoming self-organized, taking incremental steps and being geared to high quality.
The most important points about agility and agile transformation can be found here.
Agility: only the next change of change of change? 

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