Case consultations are a way of finding solutions to professional and personal problems in a short time with the help of external perspectives. Originally developed in the field of social work as collegial case consultation during intervisions, these formats have also proven useful in business contexts.

Wouldn't a case consultation also be a "nugget"?

In terms of time, case consultations could also be treated as a "nugget". From 30, 60 to 90 minutes, anything is possible. Only here I would not provide content as input, but rather facilitate and structure a process. This would be a special form of facilitation, or a special form of guiding group feedback. Case consultations can be useful in both profit and non-profit organizations if a problem is to be discussed by a group in a structured way.


coaching: efficient and target group oriented

A conversation among equals.
target-oriented and resource-oriented.
Specials: Agile and Intercultural

I also offer intercultural and agile case consultations. Depending on the assignment, I will merely structure a process or also give impulses. Especially in intercultural and agile contexts, finding solutions is often counter-intuitive for those involved in the situation. For example, if a client reports: "an Indian employee does not greet us when he/she enters a room, and this behaviour causes trouble," I can point out during the process that there are other concepts of politeness in India, and help the case givers find a way how all sides can approach each other and learn from each other. Or if agility is implemented in an organization and things aren’t working out, I can look at whether there is a gap between the "agile ideal" as it was "originally" meant and what is “actually” going on, and develop the next steps together with the case givers.

If case consultations take so little time, do I still have to travel?

In my experience, case consultations also work very well virtually, if certain conditions are met. These include not only the technical side, but also the participants’ willingness to get actively involved and have sufficient previous knowledge. (Multitasking listening and working is not very productive ☺, even if it is often practiced.)

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