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Welcome and Namaste

ashada consult offers support around change processes and the arising communication in international and agile contexts. My offers are based on over 27 years of experience in adult education. I have applied many concepts, approaches and theories in profit and non-profit organizations, reflected on them and adapted them to the needs of each client.

"connecting cultures" is actually a process that we humans are permanently and daily engaged in, mostly unconsciously. But what is generally meant by “culture”? What does "connecting cultures" have to do with change processes, project management, agility, and VUCA? 

What does cultural change mean in organizations today? And above all: How can know-how benefit organizations and the people in them? I invite you to explore my suggestions on this website and in the blog articles.

Some of my services are also easy to provide virtually. Please feel free to contact me to find out more about the possibilities and prices for the different offers.


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