Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural communication has accompanied me for many years. Since 1992 I have been working in various professional contexts with the teaching of language, cultural knowledge and above all the art of understanding culture-specific communication patterns.

Through my experience with languages and communication as a teacher, project manager, project coach and lecturer, I can professionally perceive and analyse communication difficulties from different perspectives. Working with different levels of hierarchy, heterogeneous groups and heterogeneous concerns inspires me again and again.


coaching: efficient and empathic

A conversation among equals.
target-oriented and resource-oriented.

What exactly does intercultural communication mean?

To develop a feeling for it, you have to take a step back and ask yourself: what is culture, anyway? And which concept of culture makes sense in which context?

I assume that cultures are dynamic, and that people can meet each other in such a way that permits them to negotiate a common (partial) culture. But to proceed in this effort is individually developed with and by you, based on your needs.

We may move back and forth in our conversations and reflect on what comes from which concept of culture (perceived as an entity) and how we can use these perceptions in such a way that you can reach your goals and go your way with great joy and strength.

You can find more about my understanding of culture here.
What is culture? What is identity? And how are the two related?

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Expat Coaching/Impat Coaching

Most people who want to go abroad for a longer period of time or immigrate to this country go through very specific phases before they settle in well - regardless of the length of their stay. And before you really arrive, as with many change processes, there are ups and downs that are experienced and often not taken seriously by you or your environment.

Feelings of guilt for not being able to perform as quickly as expected, unusual mood swings, and much more ... these are all completely natural processes, the extent of which is often underestimated. They will manifest differently in each individual. Expat or Impat Coaching focuses on these concerns. It is not about acquiring knowledge of "classic" cultural dimensions or standards, but rather understanding which strategies make sense for each individual and family to practice in order to make settling into the "foreign" country a successful adventure.

An open and goal-oriented exchange about what has led to misunderstandings and possibly also feelings of powerlessness and offence facilitates reflections on one's own values and finding other possible ways to express them. In the end, coaching helps you to be able to engage in a successful dialogue with strangers in foreign countries and unfamiliar work structures in a new environment. 

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