Which topics are suitable for nugget formats?

I always offer nuggets when the goal is realistically achievable. The contents can be agreed with you. These topics are ready to go:

"Translanguaging" or "Codeswitching"?
Dealing with multilingualism in international work contexts

"What is polite, anyway?"
Recognize hidden dimensions of languages and be well received worldwide

What exactly is racism?
The difference between gross and subtle racism and how knowledge helps us communicate fairly

Chill with Chillies
Table etiquette in India. Eating dal with your fingers, smiling and making small-talk at the same time without embarrassing yourself :-) (only works in Indian restaurants)


nuggets: efficient and target group oriented

A conversation among equals.
target-oriented and resource-oriented.

Laughter Yoga
Good mood through laughter with no reason. The nugget for very brave yoga enthusiasts and curious people!

Stress Management
What is stress and how can one deal well with it?

A trance to a place of well-being (preferably in combination with stress management)

Nuggets have their limits:

If the goal is to enable the participants to be able to "change" their behaviour afterwards, these nuggets should be combined with other measures - such as training or coaching. The "speaker" format may be interesting, entertaining and helpful for many additional events, but I cannot promise that this format forges "deeper" changes in behaviour.

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