ashadha is the ancient Indian name for a summer month. Great heat, but also the hope for life-giving rain in the time after, are connected with this month.

I regularly encounter such strong contrasts in my work. From the field of tension that they create, I draw with you the energy to achieve results. In short, you tell me about your problems, I ask questions and together we find a solution.

Customer orientation is my top priority and means more than just complying with your wishes. For me, customer orientation means a voluntary commitment to adhere to basic ethical values. Every person is respected in all their facets. Individual potentials are strengthened. Undiscovered abilities are made usable. In the same way, a clear goal and resource orientation is also part of my mindset. I am convinced that every person does their best at all times to achieve professional and private goals, which only sometimes may not be enough.


efficient and empathic

Engaging in conversations among equals.
Process-oriented, target-oriented and resource-oriented.

Before ashada consult

Before I founded ashada consult, I had already had the opportunity to train executives linguistically and communicatively for many years as a lecturer at Bundessprachenamt Hürth, DSE, AGEH, Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University of Bonn. After my studies I also worked as a project manager before the birth of my children. The experiences I made during this time have contributed to my further professional path.

Not only did I realize that my strengths lie in adult education, I also lost certain illusions, such as believing that facets needed for successful communication could be covered by "language teaching" alone. Even though I worked in very innovative organisations, I wanted to combine language, intercultural competence, conflict prevention and much more. Apart from that, after a while I got bored of explaining how to greet people in Hindi.

ashada consult - the early years

Even as a project manager, I didn't have the opportunity at the time to implement my vision of a "holistic" communication concept. After I had also often reached my limits as a project manager with different leadership styles, I started my learning journey as a mediator, in TCI, in hypno-systemic communication and much more. And with every further training and every experience as a trainer and coach, I acquired, discarded and expanded methods for people and organizations. However, the early years were also marked by the most important further training in my life: how to balance raising two children with handling work assignments at the university, serving my longstanding clients, and developing additional training and coaching.

ashada consult - from 2010

And so ashada consult grew between the kids, the kitchen and the computer as a support partner to management consultancies. As a subcontractor, I was allowed to develop and implement many fine concepts. The developments of our clients have always been a motivation to continue my education, to understand both people and organizations and to be able to accompany them on a sound basis.

And so I started to work with VUCA, Agility, Design Thinking, New Work. Much through self-study, but also earning my first certificates. I am now a "Scaled Agile Framework Agilist“ and Scrum Master!

Much of what makes up the agile mindset has been a part of my life for many years: Close contact to what customers want, high motivation and desire to deliver high quality, the willingness to always evolve and to put away things that don't work, if necessary. I would only accompany certain change processes in cooperation with my network of partners, simply to meet my standards of high quality and your needs for planning reliability.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about me! I will gladly provide references upon request.

ashada consult

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